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  • Date:09/076/2018
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The SSD Supreme Chemical is one of the most scares solution type in the defaced black dollar washing industry, unlike the ssd universal and/or automatic chemical solution, the SSD supreme chemical is a special category of the SSD which most be used in combination with its supreme powder (not humine or anti-virus powder). This chemical type is typically recommended for defaced money which has been kept for a very long period of year, like 15 years or above.


– Use at concentration of between 5 – 10 grams per liter depending on the defaced notes condition.
– Ideal operating temperature of about 65 – 75 °C, effective for soak operations.


*All our ssd solution products are acidic. The use of gloves is highly recommended for lengthy, manual cleaning operations.
*R11 – Highly flammable.
*53CS – Keep the powder sachet tightly closed, to avoid air penetration.

Price per liter: Inquire Here
Product origin: USA
Quality: 100% effective.

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